11 Surprising Benefits of Sobriety That Will Transform Your Life


Not too long ago the only books about sobriety were those found in AA, today, there are choices for anyone who is interested in learning more about sobriety either for themselves or a loved one. PAWS can make people feel like their recovery is stalling or losing progress, but this is not the case as long as sobriety remains intact. Coping mechanisms learned in therapy combined with a healthy diet and exercise are the best ways to deal with PAWS at and after the first 30 days without alcohol. Now that you are growing more confident in your ability to stay sober, it’s time to create a routine supporting that sobriety. This is especially crucial if you transition directly from a highly structured residential program to complete independent living. If you move from residential treatment to a sober living home, you get the benefit of a semi-structured and drug-free environment in which to build routines.

There are few things more liberating than being outside on a Saturday morning, and NOT because you’re squinting in the sun on your walk of shame back to your car or home. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but in case you missed it, did you know the average person spends TWO YEARS of their life hungover? My drinking was all about self-loathing, which I had done for almost twenty years at that point. We all have to go through it, but the AMAZING thing is that you’ll end up with really powerful connections with the people you choose to keep around.

Day 13

You might encounter feelings of restlessness or irritability around this time. When these feelings come up, it’s a great time to connect with others who are farther along in their journey, whether locally or through online support groups. It’s also vital to consult a medical professional before you stop drinking.

  • Sober living isn’t just interesting; it’s fulfilling and vibrant.
  • And having that extra cash opens up a whole world of new opportunities – you could decide to save for a house, take a vacation, or go back to school, for example.
  • Chronic heavy drinking erodes the brain’s ability to pay attention, make decisions, solve problems and plan for the future.
  • It sedates certain areas of the brain that control judgment, self-control, and inhibitions.
  • Each time we make it through an alcohol craving, we get stronger.
  • So when you’ve been drinking for a few consecutive days and you feel like you can’t think clearly and your body is aching, it’s true.

Ask your doctor about nonmedical ways to manage your pain, like massage or acupuncture. You may want to start an exercise routine — exercise releases brain chemicals called endorphins, which can make you feel good. Or you might rather spend time volunteering for a good cause, like an animal shelter or children’s hospital. Whatever it is, new activities can lead to new friends with interests like yours. This may mean that you don’t spend time with someone you used to use drugs with or go somewhere you used to drink.

Happier Life

When you are in recovery, you can overcome the symptoms of addiction and instead have a healthy lifestyle. You can replace substance misuse with exercise and physical activity. The sober What Is A Sober Living House? life can also give you the opportunity to think about nutrition as well. You’ll enjoy general health and wellness that you can’t necessarily achieve if you’re drinking or using drugs.

Denial is something that you cannot see while you’re experiencing it. Once you’ve ditched the drink for good, you’ll only recognize the lies that your alcohol-addicted mind was telling you. Yes, it sounds obvious, but the damage that alcohol causes to your central nervous system is behind your depression and anxiety. I used to think I had Italian blood in me because I would blow my top at the slightest thing, shouting and gesticulating like a Neapolitan fish wife. If drinking defines you, then you probably cannot imagine what sort of a person you will become without it.

Recovery Connection

I have learned, through time and through self analysis, that the world is gray. If you are paying attention, you will see that there is a lot of beauty in the world. A sunset, a pretty flower, a cool breeze, a walk through the park with children laughing in the distance. Sobriety makes it much easier to see all the perfect little moments in a day. You can take in every second, and not feel like your life is passing you by in a whirlwind of blurred memories. You’re having a good time because of the people you are with or the activity that you are doing, not because you are sloshed.

becoming sober

I’d imagined I was happy drinking, but I’d been kidding myself. My head was continually filled with guilt, shame and anxiety about how to get the next glass of wine without anyone thinking I was an old lush. The essence of a good recovery routine is balance and flexibility. Don’t try to schedule every minute of every day, or you may get burned out. Work on your schedule until you feel you have reached the right balance of free time and scheduled activity for you. Maybe you’ve tried to quit before, or maybe this is the first time that you feel like enough is enough—either way, you want to give sobriety your best shot.

Sobriety Setbacks

Not only because not drinking is hard, but also because we live in a society where most everyone around us drinks. One common mistake for those who are new to alcohol and drug recovery is substituting a new compulsive behavior for their old one. People new to recovery can find themselves approaching their new diet, exercise program, job, and even participation in support groups with a compulsion that echoes addiction. People in recovery from a substance use disorder frequently have problems meeting work-related responsibilities, maintaining employment, and managing money.

Getting sober isn’t boring, it requires thought and dedication instead of impulsive autopilot behavior. Don’t let your brain fool you into thinking you can’t become sober or that it’s not worth your time. So when you’ve been drinking for a few consecutive days and you feel like you can’t think clearly and your body is aching, it’s true. You’re left with a bunch of waste floating about in your brain while your body is struggles to patch itself together. Surprise, surprise, but more restorative sleep leads to more energy.

New Ways to Get Sober and Stay Sober

There are many more interventions that may be used to help you recover from substance misuse. Milestones can help motivate a person to remain sober to reach the next milestone. On Thursday, McDermott celebrated his 57th birthday and revealed how the day had caused him to reflect on his sobriety. Just days after dedicating a DWTS performance to his wife, who he called his “rock,” Mauricio was photographed holding hands with his partner Emma, sparking rumors of a romance off the dance floor. “It’s been an amazing 26 years and it’s been a difficult one year,” he said.

If you were active in your addiction for a period of time, you may have developed financial problems. A therapist can help you learn new coping skills, develop new thinking patterns, and address any co-occurring mental health conditions that may make recovery more difficult. You may also need to change your route to work or home in order to avoid any triggers, or people, places, or things that make you want to use drugs or drink again. It is estimated that up to 80% of those who find long-term sobriety had at least one relapse along the way.

In social situations where people are drinking, you might feel more comfortable with a drink in your hand. A mocktail looks like a cocktail but doesn’t have any alcohol in it. Other https://en.forexpamm.info/sober-sayings-and-sober-quotes/ people won’t be able to tell the difference just by looking at your glass. Have some sober friends you can invite as your plus-one to a social event like a party or wedding.